Spark of Change

Last night I finished a book that I feel everyone needs to read. The book is about a child that is abused by his father. The story is written in an almost poetic way. The words seemed to move on the page, allowing the reader to get lost in the waves of emotions. The power of each wave taking over the sands to reshape them in to new experiences. The undercurrent tugs at your soul, pulling it in new directions and leaving the reader out of breath.

“The Butterfly Garden” is truly stunning, and life changing for all who read it. The story is sad and uplifting at the same time. As a reader I was compelled to turn each page, to discover new possibilities about myself. The story is every-ones story, yet it is his story. We all may not have been abused, but each of our lives have brought challenges to overcome.

Coming of Age stories interest me, I love to read about the change that happens the little moments that spark the fire of change, and this book, this story is one such story. The change that takes place from the first page to the last is a coming of age story for all, is shows how that spark can turn in to a fire and the fire can turn in to a new life.


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