4 years

Give on to Caesar what is Caesar’s, we all know that bible passage Matthew 22:15-22. Jesus is telling us that what belongs to the government to give it them. In a way he is saying that the earthly government has power, that we are to be obedient to it, as long as it does not break God’s law.

Well with the 2008 election over, and Obama now the 44th president of the United States, it is time for all Americans to give unto Caesar. We need to unite behind our government and work to create a better American for the generations to come.

I may not be happy with the results of the election, but the American people have spoken and Mr. Obama will soon be President Obama, and I as an American will support the seat of the President, and as long has Mr. Obama respects the office and the American people, I will support the seat. I may not agree with his politics, and I may have issues with him, but as an American I will respect the office.

If we have made a mistake, we only have 4 years to wait, not to long, and if the American people have chosen wisely, then we could have 8 years of bliss, only time will tell.

Regardless, I will pray that God grace America and the President, that we may continue to be the light on the hill for all to see.


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