That just bugs me….

You ever notice that God does things differently than you would, I mean look at some of his creations, I would have never made the bugs. Really, they bite and, well bug me.  What use are they? Sure the birds and fish eat them, but God could have made them to eat something else, anything … Continue reading That just bugs me….

Spark of Change

Last night I finished a book that I feel everyone needs to read. The book is about a child that is abused by his father. The story is written in an almost poetic way. The words seemed to move on the page, allowing the reader to get lost in the waves of emotions. The power … Continue reading Spark of Change

Mr. Obama

With the current economy in such bad times, people seem to turn to faith. In the past it was the Church, but this times it seems to be Mr. Obama many have turned to He offers a message of change and promise, one of hope for all and fairness. It's a good message, one that … Continue reading Mr. Obama

Living Self

One of the reasons I love to travel is that I get the opertnity to meet eiht all my co-workers from around the world. It is the one time I get to get direct feedback on the books I write, and also allows for a conversation that is flowing freely. What a wounderful feeling that … Continue reading Living Self


I have been over in Germany and the UK for the past 2 weeks (well almost) and have not really taken the time to blog. But I have been reading my friends blog ( when ever i can get to the Internet. As of late she has writ en some powerful blogs, blogs to make … Continue reading Responcability

Change is coming

Sorry for the delay between postings, but I am currently in Germany, having a great time and working. So my bloging has been put on hold. So as I sit here in Germany, I missed out on the historic elections (I did vote by mail), but i missed all the fun of election night! Such … Continue reading Change is coming


  As I work in Germany this week, the big question is “Who are you voting for?” They seem to be more interested in our election than most Americans back home. It all over the news, I can’t understand it, I don’t speak German, but McCain and Obama are the same in English or German, … Continue reading Vote

Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the earth… This is what we are commanded to do; we are to take the Good News to the ends of the earth. But how do we do this. I am currently in Germany, last week I was in St. Louis and next week I will be in the UK then … Continue reading Ends of the Earth