The End Time are Here

The end times are here….

No it’s not really, but I thought it was a good attention grabber, and to tell the truth I have wanted to use that line for some time now. So it felt good to type it, I got it out of my system, so now I can concentrate on my blog.

Have you ever heard the voice of God? Does God speak to you? Good questions I think. I have friends who have told me that God or Jesus speaks to them, I don’t mean the “feel” something; I mean they “talk” to them. A true voice, no different than yours or mine, to tell you the truth, when they first told me this, I was a little freaked out. I mean it’s not every day that someone tells you Jesus had a nice conversation with them the other night. Oh, and by the way, the conversation was about me! Now that really freaked me out!

Now its one thing for you and Jesus to chat, but to bring me up in the conversation, without me being invited, that’s just rude, don’t ya think? From what I understood, Jesus was talking about what he had planned for me, now it would have been nice if He would have just came over my house to discuss this, I am sure I would have let him, I mean it’s not every day that he comes over for tea and cake. But that’s beside the point now; it’s over and done with. But the next time Jesus wants to talk about me, I pray that he will come to my house.

As I have said, the idea freaked me out, my friend was totally freaking me out, and it was a little odd thinking that she knew what God wanted from me, but I did not. And of course Jesus told her not to share with me the conversation. And she never did, and I can’t blame her, it’s not a God idea to break a promise with God, he has ways of finding out.

But other times Jesus did ask that she let me know what he wants from me, according to her, Jesus wanted me to work in Hospice; now anyone who knows me knows that that isn’t going to happen. Sick people and I, especially dyeing people do not get on to well.

Oh, It’s not them, you know with them dyeing and all, it’s me, I just can’t deal with it very well. So I asked her to let Jesus know that Hospice and me do not get along, that if he wouldn’t mine, would he please find another job for me. She was more than happy to relay that message for me; she was, after all, expecting him for some more conversation soon. So that ended that.

Some may think I am making this up, just to write a funny or odd story, but I am not, this is the truth, this did happen and yes in some ways it still freaks me out. Why, you may ask…

Well, what if she really was having nightly chats with Jesus in her living room… What if I did tell Jesus no to a request of his…? A lot of what ifs and what ifs can hold you back.

Now I truly do not believe that Jesus was in her living room, nor do I believe that she was having chats with him. In-fact that did come up one night in conversation, between her and I. We both where religion teachers at our Church and after class each week we, her and I, would go out for pie. This was always wear I would hear about her latest conversation with Jesus. After she told me about her last conversation, she must have seen something on my face, because she asked me if I believed her. What a question to ask, how do I respond? I must admit the Holy Spirit must have been with me that night because without a pause I responded “It doesn’t matter if I believe you, it only matters that you believe you”.

What a revelation, thank God I pulled that one out! And in truth, looking back on it, and thinking about it, that truly is what I think. My opinion is just that mine. I offer it freely, but in the end it matters not. If God or Jesus is truly talking to you, then what does it matter if I believe you?

We remained friends for a few more years, then she and her husband moved, and we lost contact. Now in truth I cannot say I was too sad over this, like I have said, she did sort of freak me out. But in some ways I think I will always have a little part of me that will continue to ask “Was she really having a conversation with God? Did Jesus really sit in her living room each night?” Now grated, I have not thought about it much, in-fact I am not sure when the last time was, and I really don’t know what made me think of it today. But I did, so I can only assume it’s the Holy Spirit working through me. To what ends I do not know, she never did tell me what God wanted of me. So I will just have to wait until I figure it out, or Jesus decides to visit me for tea and cakes.


p.s. Please note that I am not making any judgment on my friend, nor am I poking fun at her. Yes I am poking fun at the overall experience, from my point of view. But to her, it was as real as her and I talking over pie. And to me that’s all that matters.

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