Want vs. Need

Sorry for the delay in a new post. I have a co-working in from Germany all last week, so my time was not mine.

That seems to happen to all of us, our time is not our own, and sometimes we allow it to shape our days, Like I did last week. I am sure I could have found away to blog, even if it was a short blog. But I chose to allow my visitor to control my time.

I allowed outside forces shape my week. Sure sometimes we have to allow for outside forces to add new bends and curves to our daily life, but to totally shape it? I don’t think so! I used that as an excuse not to do what I needed to do. At work and in my personal life, I used the visit of a co-worker as an out.

Sometimes I think we look for reasons to not do what we are expected to do, we find any small reason. We do it in all aspects of our life.

·         It’s too cold out

·         It’s too hot out

·         I’m too old

·         I’m too young

·         The moon is in the wrong phase

And so on… We are all good at creating situations that feed in to out wants but not our needs. All to often we find reasons not to feed our needs, but allow our wants to fest on excuses.

This whole blog is about not allowing that to happen, yet even the poster of this blog allows it to happen, even I fall to the very natural state of feeding my wants over my needs.

Why do we allow this?  In a word it’s easy, feeding our needs takes work, lots of it and its hard work. Why would this be, why cant feeding our needs be as easy as feeding our wants? Much like feeding our body, it is easy to eat a bag of chips, its satisfying and cheep. But to each all the right foods, well that takes time and more money, and an often time does not satisfy the wants of the body.

I am a perfect example of that, when I am sick, or do not feel good, I crave salt and sweets, so I eat chips and chocolate. Not exactly what my body needs, but it is what I want. And man it taste sooooo good and makes me soooo happy. I know for a fact that if I ate healthy foods, I would recover quicker and be better off, but my craving will not subside, it takes over, and I allow it to happen.

So I give in, not only to the bag of chips, but also to the mental break my co-worker allowed me, even though I know that writing my blog is a need and not a want. I need to write for several reasons, but mostly to allow me the ability to process my own life, and the direction its taking. So, by allowing the distraction of life the ability to shape and control my week, I allowed outside forces take over, even if only for a few day, I allowed myself to be set back, creating a deficit I must now over come. I created the situation I am currently in. I must know work hard to play catch up, but this is the path I chose to walk, so walk it I will…


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