Starting tomorrow, I will __________________ (you can fill in the blank) That has to be one of the best procrastination lines out there; it allows you to put off, with a strong conviction, what you should do now for another day. I should know I use it all the time. I am a procrastinator, I … Continue reading Tomorrow

The New Creed

Carrying on the left at the door idea, I thought I would talk about the idea of political correctness a little more. Take the Nicene Creed for example: We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord, Jesus … Continue reading The New Creed

Me, Einstein and Dr. Dyer

Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose. -Albert Einstein   A brilliant man, Albert Einstein, he changed our world, and our thinking.  Often times with simple phrases such as the one above. We all have a purpose, … Continue reading Me, Einstein and Dr. Dyer

Left at the Doors

The challenge each week, after Mass, is to live it out. We are all called to go to the ends of the earth and proclaim the good news, the Gospels. At the end of Mass we are told to “Go in Peace”. But really they should say, “Go, share the good news, let everyone know … Continue reading Left at the Doors

Baby Steps

As I get ready to start 4 weeks of travel; I am reminded of how we are perceived differently in differently in different parts of the country and the world. I am headed off to St. Louis for one week, then to Europe for three weeks. It still strikes me as odd, or would a … Continue reading Baby Steps


Yesterday my life stopped, I was in a panic as a member of my family had to be rushed to the hospital. I was awoken by a THUD as they fell out of bed, when I ran to see what had happened, I noticed that their legs did not seem right, and the face told … Continue reading Waldo

The End Time are Here

The end times are here…. No it’s not really, but I thought it was a good attention grabber, and to tell the truth I have wanted to use that line for some time now. So it felt good to type it, I got it out of my system, so now I can concentrate on my … Continue reading The End Time are Here


In the ebb and flow of life, we allow the waves of change to care us to new destinations or we work agents the current and fight to stay where we are. To allow life to carry us on this adventure of living is a great adventure, one that brings with it may opportunities for … Continue reading Water


My day job takes me all over the world; I have traveled to7 different countries over the past 11 years and have enjoyed the ability to make friends in places I never thought I would. I have good friends in Brazil, UK, Sweden and Germany. Friends that I will chat with via email or visit … Continue reading Conversations

Too Much Rain

“It's not right in one life too much rain”, that’s from a Paul McCartney song, I’m not sure if it’s his original line of if he got it from some other great thinker, but non-the-less it’s a great line. It’s one of those lines that make you think. It’s not a typical Paul McCartney line; … Continue reading Too Much Rain