The List

What is your battle, what are you willing to fight for? May seem like a silly question for a site dedicated to helping you improve. But part of becoming a better you, is making sure that you are focused on serving others. Yes others… We cannot be truly happy unless we are in-service of others. It is in our DNA, it is who we are.

So what are you willing to stand tall for, who are you willing to lift up? What gets you going, and makes you charged up?

Stop reading this blog and make a list of five (5) issues, people or things that get you going, that you are willing to fight for… I’ll wait….



2. ___________________________________

3. ___________________________________

4. ___________________________________

5. ___________________________________

Ok, got your list? Good. Now look it over, make any quick changes needed. Got it, good, let’s move on.

We all have our “cause” or “issue” we are willing to stand for. Here are mine:

1.      Youth

2.      Faith

3.      Freedom

4.      Equality

5.      Life

These are the issues that get me going, issues I am willing to fight for. They are part of my make-up, they define me. They give me energy, and purpose.

So pick one issue off your list, and make it your project for the week, choose to fight the good fight, devise a plan, and execute it. Become active, become involved, give of yourself and see what you get back.

Giving of yourself is the greatest gift you will ever receive. A gift that will define you and make you, a gift that will change your life forever.


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