It is September, the kids are back off to school and the world starts to get that great fall smell. I love the smell of fall, the smell of the old going out and the winter setting in. I know its way too early to talk about winter, but fall is a short session, and winter will be here before you know it. But that’s not what my blog is about today; let’s stick with the idea of fall.

No today I thought I would talk about fall, and how it’s like life. We all go through different sessions in our life, most of us think of it as an age thing, in our youth we are in the springtime of life and when we get older we enter the fall of our life. But I think that we actually go through the different sessions all the time and never ending of summer, fall, winter and then spring. A cycle that continues until the last session of our life we the sessions change no more and we are in eternal __ (Put your favorite session here) __.

Fall, or autumn as some call it, is a time for change, a time of death, or hibernation. It’s a time when all the flowers prepare for the long winter, the animals store food up and birds fly south. Fall a time of preparation.

That is the fall I want to talk about, the fall of preparations. We all must prepare for life, because regardless of what we want life is going to come, life is going to hit us, and sometimes it hits us hard. We need to prepare for that fact.

Fall, with all its wonderful smells and sounds, the cool crisp air, it’s all a sign that summer has ended and winter is on its way.  The death of summer and the birth of winter; we too must often times die from our old and be born in to our new.

So prepare, make ready for the new, and allow the old to die, for it has lived out its session and its tile for a new one.

Fall, the beauty of death, a time not to mourn but a time to rejoice, for soon winter will blanket us in her protection and deliver us in to spring…

We all live several sessions in one life time, we all are born and die unto self. Fall, a time of change, transition and death. But not a sad death, but one of great joy, one of celebration; for from the death comes a new you a new session.



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