I'm Back

Well it looks like my vacation from blogging is over; August has come to an end. I wish I would say that I feel totally refreshed and that my mind is sharp, but I can’t. And I am sure that lots of you would say my mind was never sharp, so what’s new. And I’m … Continue reading I'm Back

Just a Post

It is still August, so I am still on my break, but I have a few moments, so I thought I would see what I had to say, if anything. Lots of things are on my mind: · The election coming up and the moral responsibility we all have to vote. · The start of … Continue reading Just a Post


Jesus told Peter, “Come” and Peter did, he went to Jesus, but then he let the world interfere and he faltered. We are all like Peter, in some way, I think that is why so many people love Saint Peter, and he was always messing up in one way or another. In Sundays Gospel reading … Continue reading Come