A part of anyone’s success in life is their desire to achieve it. We all wave dreams and wants but why do some get it and others do not? Desire is the only difference. Now some of you will be saying that that’s not true, that you have had desire, but still no success. I would challenge you on that. I would challenge your definition of desire and of success.

Desire is not just wanting, but it is a burning deep within, it is a driving force of all you do. I want dreams, wants and desires and they are not all the same. My wants change from moment to moment, my dreams manifest themselves in too many different forms, the basics may remain but the shape and form may change. Desires are not moment to moment, nor do they shift and change. Desires drive the heart, lead the soul and claim its owner as its own.  Desire consumes whom it possesses.

Wants, such as fame or fortune change, grow or diminish as we grow and mature. We want many things in our life, but truly only need a few of what we want. We want fortune but truly only need to live comfortable, we want fame, but truly we do not need fame, nor are most of us ready to handle what comes along with it. Wants are just that wants, not needs and they are not desires.

 Dreams are noble and needed, they challenge us, help us to grow and to exceed our limits, but they are not desires. To dream big, to dream large is what I have told you to do, it is part of our process of change, and I stand by that. But dreams are not desires, they may feed our desire, but in-of-themselves are not desires. Keep dreaming and allow them to build you up and to challenge you to a greater you.

When we are working towards a dream we can alter and change as the mood or needs change, when it is a want, the want may leave us as fast as it entered us, but a desire is a core element of our makeup, it is our desires that guide us, that lead us down the path that we follow.

So have you truly failed? Have you finished your journey of your desires? Or are you just starting them? Success is a lifelong process; it is not counted in singulars but rather accumulative. We cannot expect our success to be one moment in life, but rather it is our total life.

So have you truly failed? Or are you counting your wants and dreams, are you looking at a singular moment or time in history? 


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