How often do we stop to really think things over, sure if it’s something we are going to spend a lot of money on like a car or a house we will take our time but if it’s just a small thing like are we going to eat that whole basket of fries or just half we often times let the moment decide.

We are an impulse people, that’s why the advertisers love us, we see it, we want it. Go in to any store and they will have signs all over the place, each one designed to make you spend more then you want to. My sister and I joke that if she goes in to Target and spends under $100.00 she is doing good, and for me if I go in to the dollar store and spent under $20.00 I am doing good. She didn’t really need all she got nor did I, but we are impulse shoppers, the both of us. We are a marketers dream come true.

Why do I bring this up? What does this have to do with change? Well The idea is, we don’t spend the time we really need to on thinking, we need to stop before we purchase and really think about do we really need this? We also need to do the same with our lives, we need to stop and think more.  

Often times we do things in our lives on impulse, we go out, get drunk on an impulse. We get married or divorced on an impulse. We pick up one face self help book or diet on an impulse. No real thinking involved, we just do it.

Life change is not an impulse it is a slow thought out process, one that takes dedication and lots of hard work. Fads and impulses are not the cure; you will not find what you are looking for based on a quick reaction, or the latest book. Change is deeply rooted in you; it has to become your fabric of life, your mantra. Impulses are not mantras they are slick advertisements designed only to take not to give.

So stop the next time you are about to make a life change (diet, self help book) and really think about it, is this something that I can really make part of my life fabric or is this something I saw on Oprah. Life change is not a 30 minute TV show; it is a commitment of self for self for life.


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