Ever notice that one word can make all the difference in the world. We miss use one work, slip one wrong word and a war can break out. The Catholic Church will spend years on one word; they will dissect it and look at all its possible meanings before they will decide if they want to use it. Words are a powerful thing; they can create kingdoms or bring them down.


Jesus used words to challenge the world; he used them to call people to task and to bring justice into the world. All with words, simple letters put together to create change.


Hitler used word for evil, to create hatred; he used words to murder thousands of innocent people. Words are a powerful thing.


Gandhi used word to sooth a nation, to bring about peace and understanding; he crafted letters in to a love that is still felt today.


Many great people and many not so great people have crafted words together to create a sound that still resonates today. The words of freedom and murder, the words of love and hate, the words of nothingness and everythingness float and flutter above and around. They settle on new ears and hearts planting seeds of sound for new generations to hear and speak.


We must craft our words with perfection, picking and choosing each carefully. Placing each one in the correct position, creating a composition that flows from sound to sound, allowing the heart to feel the vibrations of our crafting; The ears hear the music of the letters coming together to create the symphony of voices that flood our world.


Each composition we create, each symphony we speak must be one of love, one of a positive force, and the creation we crafted will resonate for ever in this world, looking for a new place to rest, to be recreated in to a new creation. Hate speeches and words of despair will remain in this world just as sonnets of love do. Hitler’s words are as powerful today as they where when he first sang his song of hate. Jesus’ words still resonate as they did then, in the hearts of his followers, creating a poetic love song for all to hear.


A finely crated poem or a timeless story told today will remain in score of this opera we call life, as well as the hatred of the mad men whose words cut to the bone will. We all have a responsibility to contribute to this opera of life, we all need to add our sonnets and symphonies, the only question is, is yours one of despair and hatred or one of love and optimism?


Sing a new song unto the Lord…



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