This is not my home, but I like it!


I’m home! Yes I love vacations, I love spending time with family and friends. And I did just that, but as much as I love to travel, I love coming home even more.

Maybe that’s why I love to travel; maybe I love it so much because I love coming home even more. Home is where comfort is, home is where I can relax, and just be, home just is. We all know when we enter home, we walk in and we feel it. We just know that we are home.




Well that’s how I feel, that’s how I know I am home, I can just feel it, my body relaxes my mind rest and my heart is happy.


Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy vacations, because I do, I love to travel and to be on vacation. Yes my mind relaxes, my heart is happy and I can just be. But its different, it’s not bad, just different.


 When my mom was still alive, and I need to feel safe I would go to her house, where ever it was, and I was home, I was safe. It didn’t matter where she lived the location was not home, but rather the feeling was.


It’s the same now, yes I love the house I have, I have decorated the way I like, and all my “stuff” is in it, but that’s not home, home is a feeling I get when I enter through the door. It’s the sigh my body gives; it’s the sights and smells, the memories and the flow. Home is more then brick and wood with windows and doors; home is a state of being.


My vacation was fun; I spent time with family and friends and was at home in Michigan. As I stated in previous blog, Michigan is my home, and yes I feel safe and secure here, and yes I love her, but Michigan is also home to many others, but my house, my home is just mine, its safe for me, and its mine.



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