The Groove

You ever get in to the work groove, you know, the one where everything seems to come together for you. You’re just hitting the mark, every word you utter is golden and every idea is head on. I love that feeling, and every now and then I get it. So the question is, how do … Continue reading The Groove


Inspiration was how the bible was written, God inspired the writers, to write the word of God down for generations to read, how cool is that! We read about and learn about people who are inspired by God, the great things they did, such as writing the bible. And for most of us, we hope … Continue reading Inspired

Deep Thinking

Take a moment and think about the last big decision you had to make, was it an on the spot decision, or did you take your time thinking about it? Most of the time if it is a big decision we want to take a little bit of time, to look at the positives and … Continue reading Deep Thinking

Odd Dreams

Last night I had a dream, well sort of; it was more of an almost asleep dream. You know that magical place between awake and sleep. Well that’s where I was, and have been most nights for hours; more on that latter. This dream was strange, I was dreaming about writing my blog, but I … Continue reading Odd Dreams


A part of anyone’s success in life is their desire to achieve it. We all wave dreams and wants but why do some get it and others do not? Desire is the only difference. Now some of you will be saying that that’s not true, that you have had desire, but still no success. I … Continue reading Desire


How often do we stop to really think things over, sure if it’s something we are going to spend a lot of money on like a car or a house we will take our time but if it’s just a small thing like are we going to eat that whole basket of fries or just … Continue reading Impulse

Lost it all

Last night, well really all day yesterday I worked my butt off on a document for STATIC Youth. It’s a book for the fall classes on Service, STATIC requires that the middle schoolers perform a service project of some sort, and we decided that the book needed to updated and overhauled. So I worked hard … Continue reading Lost it all


I am often asked how I keep such a positive attitude, and my response is always the say, “Why Not?” To me that is the only response needed, it sums is up pretty well don’t you think?  Attitude, positive or negative, is all a choice. We decide what it is we want to be, and … Continue reading Moments

The Hook

Some of you may or may not know this, but STATIC Youth is a corporation that is currently in its infancy stage. We are developing a dynamic and innovative middle school aged education/ministry program. We (my partner Theresa and I) have written all the text books and activities for this program. We push ourselves out … Continue reading The Hook