I talk about change a lot here, and how we all need to learn to use change in life to help us all grow, and become new. I truly feel that change is always happening to us all, and the only difference is how we choose to deal with the change happening to us. But I thought I would take a moment and talk about a group of people going through a major change in their life, a change that can help them become what they are created for, a change that, if allowed too, will change them in to productive and happy people.


If you have not yet figured it out, I am talking about all the youth graduation from High School. We have set free our next generation of politicians, doctors and store clerks. Each offering us valuable and needed skills; Regardless of what they decide to do as their career, as long as they are productive, happy and healthy adults and contribute to the betterment of society, all is good.


We all too often push out youth in to what most would consider prestigious jobs such as:


  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Scientist


Or other such jobs that we need, and yes they make lots of money, but we fail to remember that we also need people to perform other task, some no so great, and others very noble in deeds, but not in pay.


  • Store clerk
  • Trash pick-up
  • Armed Forces


Our future rest on the shoulders of this graduating class…


So as each heads off to university or trade school, or even if they choose not to attend any post secondary school, we as the current adults need to mentor them all, foster in them a sense of obligation to the future of this world and a responsibility to the generations that came before along with a need to care for the generations yet to come.


Each and every graduate has to own the past present and future, they need to feel an obligation to it and need to be apart of it.


We, as the current generation need to teach them not by words, but rather by example.



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