18 Words

How often do we say prayers, but don’t really mean them, or understand them? Think about Sunday Mass, we say the same prayers each week, but do we really stop to think about what we are saying? Take the simple prayer of “Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed” Short and sweet, only 18 words, but 18 words that can change your life, if you allow them to.


At Mass we, as Catholics, believe we are receiving the true presence of Christ, the Body and Blood of Jesus. Not a representation, but the actual Body and Blood. So really are any of us worthy of receiving? That prayer is telling God that we are not worthy, not just “I” but “We”, meaning all of us are sinners, and no one is worthy.


We are a fallen people, we are sinners, we fail before God again and again, yet he still offers his son to us, in the form of bread and wine. We are not worthy to receive Him, we are not worthy to un-strap his sandals, yet God allows us, he invites us to partake. Yet we are unworthy.


God, through his love invites us, allows us and encourages us to participate in the last supper of our Lord. Through his word, we are healed. So what is the word? What magic word does God speak to allow us such a great gift? The word is LOVE, Gods love for us, Gods love for forgiveness, and Gods love for his creation, no matter how flawed.


We hear the word at Mass, as it is read, we hear the word in our heart as we pray and remain still to the movement of the Holy Spirit.


So the next time you’re at Mass, when you get to the small prayer of only 18 words, stop to contemplate what you are asking God for. You’re not asking for the winning numbers to the lotto, nor good grades, rather you are asking God to allow you to receive His only son, Jesus the Christ.


You’re asking God to allow you to participate in the Last Supper, not symbolically but literally, for the Last Supper only happened once in history, and we are invited to attend as guest of Jesus.


We are not worthy, but by the grace of God, we can become worthy.



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