What Dreams May Come

We all have dreams, dreams of what we want from life, dreams of who we want to be and dreams of where we want to go. I have them, you have them we all have them, that’s not the issue, the issue is what we do with them.


Do we live them out, or do we tuck them away? Do we share them or do we hide them from others?


Dreams are our windows in to our souls, they allow us to see what is inside us, what makes us tick, they bring our inner person in to the reality of the now, but only if we allow the dreams to see the light of day. All too often we hide them, not wanting anyone to see them, including ourselves.


We allow our dreams to become moldy, and musty, we allow the colors to fade from them and allow them to become brittle.


We need to learn to feed our dreams, allow them to shine for all to see, work on them and allow them to work on us. Dreams are our windows to our souls, but they are also our windows to our future, we dream of what may come, we dream of what the world can be like.


So allow your dreams to see the light of day, display them like a painting shine your light on them and allow them to shine there light on you.



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