Christmas and Faith

Christmas in June… Well all year long for me. As I sit here writing this blog, I have my headphones on listening to Christmas music, all my family and friends think I am nuts, and I may be, but not for this. I love to hear the happy and uplifting music of Christmas, be it traditional religious music or pop music for the likes of Nate king Cole, Frank Sinatra or Bing. Nothing lifts my hear more then the sound of the season; Even if it is a few month early.


Just to add to  my oddness, I also have year around Christmas decorations in my house, just small things, that most people would not notice, but I see them and the lift my soul up, so for as long as they do they, they will remain out for me to enjoy.


Our faith, or spiritual life is not something we should put away, and only bring out on Sundays, or for some, once or twice a year, rather it is something that we should always be displaying, for all to see, if they only would look. Much like my decorations, if you look around my house would see a Christmas tree all decorated a wreath and a Santa with baby Jesus along with a few other items. I display them in the open, I don’t hide them, and if anyone asks I am more then willing to let them know that I love Christmas that it lifts me up, makes me feel good. The same should be for our faith, others should see in me, in my actions and words the light of Christ, and they should see my Catholicity, and if they ask, I am more then willing to tell them how my faith lifts me up, and how being Catholic makes me happy.


But not all of our faith is displayed out in the open; there is a personal part to our faith, a part that we don’t share, and a part that is not for others to see. This is much like me listing to Christmas music with my headphones on, it’s for me to enjoy, it’s my personal concert, something for me to enjoy. We should have a prayer life or faith life that is also personal, a part that is for us to enjoy without others, a part that is just for me.


When I have my headphones on, my spirit lifts to new heights, brings calmness to my soul, and creates in me a winter wonderland that is covered pure white snow, blanketing my being with newness. It’s a feeling like no other.  The same should be true concerning my personal prayer and spiritual life, it should cover my soul, my whole being with the purity of the Holy Spirit, blanket me in the softness of Gods love.


Faith is not a session, it has no time or limits, nor should we.



One thought on “Christmas and Faith

  1. Thats a good point…. we practice our faith because of duty or obiligation. We get involved in serve because of need…. but what do we do in our faith simply because we enjoy doing it; it give us pleasure and delight?


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