Eyes of the Soul

Where is God in this world? Does God still show himself to us, can we still see God here on earth? I say yes we can, if we only look.


God has never left us, he has always been here on earth with us, and all we need to do is learn to see with our soul.


Our souls have eyes, the soul sees thinks that we can not, and understands things that we can not. We are limited in our abilities, but the mere fact that we are human, but our soul, the essence of our being, is not limited, rather it is limitless, knows no bounds and is immortal. Our soul is our eyes to heaven, heaven here on earth and heaven with God the Father.


If our soul is the image of God, the essence that makes us unique from all other creations, then our ability to see God here on earth must come from the eyes of our soul. So why don’t we see God? Because our soul eyes are covered, we have blinders of society on, and we wear many layers.


We cover our soul with thoughts of our own greatness, thoughts of self reliance and self worth.


We dilute our ability to see with our soul by placing objects of our desire in its way, by positioning ourselves out of Gods sight, and place new god’s before ourselves; the new god’s of sex and money.


We allow our humanity to divert our soul from its mission and purpose of connecting to its creator, to God.


When we allow our soul to connect to God, we will see the world in a new light, a light that shines bright on all things great and small. A light that brings new clarity to the world, a light that ad vibrancy to all colors and shades a light the shines from God.


When we allow our soul to see, we allow our eyes to be open. Open to the possibilities of God, open to the miracles of the everyday and open to the presence of God in the world around us.


So yes, I do believe God is here with us today, that God is on this earth, all we need to do is open our eyes, and allow our soul to see.



2 thoughts on “Eyes of the Soul

  1. Great, absolutely great! God is here on eart(h) and all we got to do is open our (h)eart. (Word Play! 🙂 Visit my site about the same things please : teen4j.webs.com


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