My Jesus, not Yours

I have a personal relationship with Jesus? Me and My God…. It’s my faith….   You notice that there are a lot of singularities in our faith life today. We don’t seem to want to share our faith, or our God.   Many of us are under the impression that our relationship with Jesus has … Continue reading My Jesus, not Yours

How do I Journal

I have talked about journaling as part of your process to change, and I am sure not everyone does so, this blog is about that very topic, the following is taken from the STATIC Youth book “Conversations with God” and is protected by all copy write laws.        How do I journal, which … Continue reading How do I Journal

Salvation is offered freely

…He replied and said to him, “Teacher, all of these I have observed from my youth.” Jesus, looking at him, loved him and said to him, “You are lacking in one thing. Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” At that … Continue reading Salvation is offered freely

Pray for Change

This Holiday, take some time to pray for change, and to pray for our men and women in the military.   CONFLICT SPAN TOTALS War of Independence 1775-1783 25,000 Quasi-War 1798-1800 20 Barbary Wars 1801-1815 35 War of 1812 1812-1815 20,000 1st Seminole War 1817-1818 30 2nd Seminole War 1835-1842 1,500 Mexican-American War 1846-1848 13,283 … Continue reading Pray for Change

Prison for faith

In 2003, 100,345 Catholics went to prison for their faith.   In the USA we most likely find this hard to believe, how can anyone go to prison for their faith. But as the statistics shows, people do.   Think about it, someone is in prison, just because they are Catholic, no other reason, just … Continue reading Prison for faith

Search your faith

When we are researching information, most of it is a few short key strokes away, we can type in what we are looking for and like magic it appears on our computers. I do this all the time, when I need an idea for a Blog, I will search the web, for articles of facts, … Continue reading Search your faith

The Path

The path of change can lead us in to many different directions; we may start out heading towards one outcome, but end up someplace completely different. This is the risk and excitement of change; we have to be very diligent in our efforts.   Many times, in the process of change, we find new ways … Continue reading The Path

Intellect vs. God

When does our own intellect get in the way of God? This question will not be answered in this blog, but rather, I will use this space to place the question out there, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide my fingers of the keys.   Intellect is a gift from God, one given to … Continue reading Intellect vs. God

Turn off the mind on your way out

Well Blogers… I have no ideas to talk about today. It seems that my mind has decided on Blog is enough (I also blog at I am drawing a blank.   But that’s ok, because sometimes nothing is what is needed. We live I a world that over thinks everything, being in the political … Continue reading Turn off the mind on your way out

Two Gods?

Are there two different God’s, one of the Old Testament and one of the New Testament?   The God of the Old Testament was a mean God, one of rules and punishments. His was always spiting this one and that, turning people in to pillars of salt, where as the God of the New Testament … Continue reading Two Gods?