Authentic Freedom

Authentic freedom does not meant doing what you want when you want to whom you want, but rather it means, understand who you are, and that you are not alone here.


All too often we think of freedom as a free for all. But freedom does not mean that, in any way shape or form.


With freedom comes great responsibility.  You now have the weight of the world on your shoulders; your life is not yours, when you are truly free. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, but really it’s not.


It is a paradox, one that will make you think, but not a contradiction. The more freedom we have, the more we are called to respond.


Our freedom is directly connected to our freewill. We gain freedom, by exercising our freewill in a positive and productive way. We make choices in our daily lives, choices that affect our ability to live a free life.


When we choose to go counter to the common good, we choose slavery, slavery to the consequences of our choice. When we choose not to listen to our conscience we choose to listen to the voice of evil, when we do that, we have just entered in to a slave/master relationship. With us being the slave.


Freedom allows us to make choices that benefit us and more importantly the world around us. Freedom demands of us, or rather obligates us to concern ourselves with the affairs of the world around us.


If you look at the world around you, countries where freedom is lacking, the over all population is less concerned with their fellow man, then in a freer society. The same can be said of individuals, the more freedom we and individuals have, and the more responsible we act to other, on the whole.


Freedom calls us to a radical obligation, a deep concern and a greater empathy to others. Freedom does not and can not survive if, we use our freedom for self gain, freedom is not an individual action or concern, but rather it’s a community, and global concern.


You can not change with out affecting others around you, and the world can not be a freer place, with out you changing with it.


We are community, we are all called to change, to a greater good, we are all created to be free and to exercise you freewill. But we must hear the call load and true, that freedom is not just about you, freedom is about all.



4 thoughts on “Authentic Freedom

  1. Yes Paul your basically writing in a stereotyped mainstream fashion where thought patterns mean very little. You are especially faulty where you say that countries who lack our freedom care less about their fellow man. In a competitive society as our own, we care less about our fellow man/woman and wish them to fail. We are not free in the usa. We are oppressed by a government/media who cares only to oppress us by distorting the truth. Only by leaving this land and its pernicious message can we obtain Authentic Freedom. You are just dirty mouthpiece for this demonic domain and you should be ashamed.


    • If you would have read what I wrote, you will see I never state that the USA is greater than anything, infact I never talk about any country, rather I talk about the basic concept. The freedom I am talking about is not a freedom that a government can give you, but rather the internal freedom of your soul, your self.

      As to the fact that you say we care less about our fellow man than other, please read the book “Who really Cares” it may open your eyes. But from what I am reading, your eyes are shut, and will remain so, becuase you choose not to be free, but rather a slave.

      Thanks for the comments….


  2. I think Hans has a point. By referring to the countries around the world where freedom is lacking you have to be referring to a country where the freedom is “less” lacking since the statement is comparative. In the USA where we have many freedoms, the society is very self centered. Americans don’t bother to work harder to send their children to private school because they want big TV’s and in-ground pools, while foreigners struggle to keep their children is top rate schools. Americans are ignorant and will eat up anything they hear on TV without any further research into the topic (e.g. the ground zero mosque debate).
    I also take concern with following the conscience instead of the voices that lead you to “slavery”. If one always follows his conscience is that any different to the relationship of one who always follows his inner evils? They are both compelled by internal forces. If one disobeys his conscience he feels guilt. If one does not “give in” to his vice he feels the absence of it and wants it, similar to the disobedience of one’s conscience. And when one obeys one or the other, he feels “good”. Thus i am puzzled as to one is to live. I know that this comment was posted prior to the others but i would like a reply.


    • First off, thanks for reading my post…

      The basic idea that Amerians are selfish is wrong, Americans give more to help eachother and the rest of the world than anyother country in the world. And I am not includig “government” giving in that value, this is strictly personal giving (Read the book “Who really cares” for more information on this).

      As for Americans beign ingorant and eating everything up on TV… Well I would have to state that that is a global issue. I know many who are here in this country percisley because of what they saw on TV about America, thinking it is a country with streets pavd with gold. As for the ground zero issue, as a conservative, the issue is not weather they can build the mosque at ground zero, they can, the question is should they. Two different issues.

      As Americans we should debate and think our way through the isssues at hand, our government should do our bidding and allow the republic to flurish. Unlike the current administration that feels “government knows best” our system was established to allow it’s citizens to determan the direction and over all mood of the country.

      Authentic Freedom is not and con not be doing as one pleases, but rather doing as one needs to do to care for self and others. America is not perfect, but she is the “Shinning light on the hill” that stands for Freedom in the world.



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