Yourself: Respect

Due unto others as you want done to you….It’s the good old golden rule… And we all would do well to follow it. Respect is something that is lacking in our world, not just for others, but for us. We need to start at home.

You have herd it said before, you must love yourself before you can love others, well respect is a sign of love, so we must respect ourselves, that means our body, mind and soul, we must respect the whole package.

We can show respect for ourselves in a lot of different ways, by not taking drugs, by taking care of our body, by feeding our minds with positive good thoughts… And so on…

To show ourselves respect will also earn respect from others. Others will not respect you, if you can not respect yourself… It’s all part of the same thing… Respect is not a one-way trip, but rather it’s a round trip.

The world would be a safer place; there would be no reason for laws, if respect was part of our daily thought pattern…

So start today, and respect yourself like you are something and someone, because you are, you are a creation like no other….


3 thoughts on “Yourself: Respect

  1. I agree that self-respect is important, but I think we still need laws. Living in any society, people need to have limits- for the safety and well-being of everyone. Respect for ourself or others doesn’t always equate with common sense, good judgment, or maturity.


  2. Great topic for discussion – self-respect! I sometimes think some people confuse self-respect with cockiness, interpreting it as respecting oneself so much that they start to lose respect for others.


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