A cup of coffee with Jesus

My favorite time of the day is early morning, I love to hear the birds sing and feel the morning sun on my face with a cup of coffee and all is set, my day can begin. But on most days i miss this, instead its, get up feed the dog, shower and shave and off to work it is. The coffee and the morning sun are enjoyed in the car on my way to work.

But this morning I was reminded again, how much I love the early mornings, I sit here with the sun shinning on me, and a cup of fresh coffee, thinking about God.

It’s funny how certain things remind us of God, for me this is one of those moments. I can picture Jesus sitting on a rock, drinking coffee in the early morning and thinking about God.

Thinking about God can be a prayer. We are to contemplate God, and our own life in this world. How do we fit in, where do we belong, and where does God fit in to our life?

For me, life seems its best early in the morning, all is still, outside and in. My soul is content my heart is happy and life is good. It’s amazing what a new day can bring, oh and a cup of good coffee don’t hurt.

The start of a new day, is a chance for us to be new, each day brings a new you to the world. You can re-dedicate yourself to God, or dedicate yourself for the first time. You can forget the past sins of your brothers and refresh your heart, it’s up to you, its a new day.

The idea of Jesus greeting the morning with a renewed spirit is an image we all need to keep in our hearts. Jesus was human in all ways except sin, so he must have gotten tiered of the crowds, he must have grown weary of the questions and doubts of his followers. We read many times in the gospels how Jesus would go off to be on his own to pray, to refresh his spirit. Well that’s what the morning sun does for me, it allows me to pray and refresh my spirit, the coffee is just a bonus.

But I still like that idea, the image of Jesus drinking a hot cup of coffee in the early morning, it brings him home for me, makes him human in more ways to me, and allows me to feel closer to him, like I can be more like him, because he too enjoys a good cup of coffee.

We need to learn to see Jesus in our lives more, through everyday activities. Jesus did more then just walk on water, he told jokes, ate and had pleasant conversations with his friends. If all he did was preach to people, he would not have had friends, they would have just been followers. But the bible tells us he had friends.

Friendship is the bond that we need to have with Jesus, if we are to have a true and meaningful prayer life with him. It’s the cup of coffee in the morning with a good friend that will strengthen my faith, and that good friend is Jesus, who by they way likes his coffee black, no cream or sugar, just like me!


4 thoughts on “A cup of coffee with Jesus

  1. I really enjoy my coffee in the morning, most of the time while I read the paper. One morning I took my coffee in my office and after a couple of sips I knelt down to pray. As I prayed I reach over and took a drink of coffee. When I did I wonder if this was showing disrespect, or am I just having a cup of coffee with God?
    The people that we share our morning coffee with are usually our closes friends. I haven’t made this a practice but I did enjoy my coffee that morning with God (Jesus).


  2. My address in earth & Heaven is, to pray with your heart, for all living people. Let the dead be sleep…& dead . But are they really dead ?, no , just waiting for the moment of Truth . Amen


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