How very human of Jesus

To often people seem to forget that Jesus was human, they seem to only be concerned with his heavenly side. How sad…

Jesus was human and divine, that means he was as real as you and I, he ate, and drank, and even went to the bathroom… And yes he was also Divine, he was one with God, like we will never be. But he was still human.

In the bible we see the all over the place. The bible makes the case for his humanity and divinity, depending on who wrote it, one will over shadow the other, but it’s still there.

I get very frustrated with people who want to over look his humanity, ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I can get very frustrated with them…

To me it cheapen who Jesus was, if he was just divine, his death and Resurrection wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But because he was human, it is a big deal…

Stop and think about it…

If Jesus was just divine, we would expect him to walk on water, or to cure the sick. But because he was a real as you and me, we don’t expect him to do that.

One of the most telling passages in the bible about his humanity was also one of the most telling of his divinity, Lazarus being raised from the dead, deals with his divinity but the simple line, 2 words tells us of his humanity Jesus wept

What more can I say…

Jesus wept

Jesus wept for his friend, his loss, and for all of humanity, because he knew that soon he was to die for us all, and like his friend, he would rise from the dead.How beautiful, and how so very human of Jesus…


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