Are you being Served

Are you being served.. That was a grate old BBC TV show, I love the humor, silly and very deep. But it’s a good questions to ask yourself

Are you bign served?

We all need tings in this world, we all need to be served and we all need to serve,  its a two way street. I have a built in need to help others, but I also have a need to have others help me. So am I being served? and am I serving others?

Today take some time to make a list of who is serving you and who you are serving, then rate the value of each. Use a scale of 1 thru 5, with 5 being the beat and one the worst.

Once the list is complete, remove the people or service that have a rating of 2 or 1. Why waste energy on something that is of no value to you. Now I don’t mean you can’t remain friends or that you should just shut then out, but reallocate the energy to where it is needed. Use it to bring a 3 rating up to a 4 or 5.

Take stock every so often, and see if your rating changes for any one thing, and then reallocate the energy where it’s needed. And make sure to remove the 1’s and 2’s…


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