Learn all you can…

When will it stop? When can I say I have learned all I need to learn about Jesus and God?Can we ever really learn all we need to know about someone who is everything?I don’t think so, but there are a lot of people who think they can. They go to religion classes until the 8th grade, then they “Graduate”…. Well let me tell you, I am 42, and I am still learning about Jesus and God, and I am willing to bet I will never learn all I need to know, until the day (with any luck) I am in heaven. Then maybe I will know it all (some call me a know it all already, but they are just jealous because I do know it all).Education in our faith is Paramount, it is more important then any other education we can get. This is the only education that can can change your life, and get you in to heaven. I don’t mean you have to become a doctor of the Church, many of the saints where simple people. But you do need to keep growing in the faith. We never know it all, and we hardly know anything, if you really think about it.Only one man knew it all, and that was Jesus, be even he, according to scripture, had to grow in to his awareness. So even Jesus needed to be educated.So do you think Jesus was ever sent to the office? Did he do all his homework, what kind of grade do you think he got in math?Our hearts and minds where created by God, for God, we are made to love him, and to learn about and know him. We can not do the latter with out first learning all we can, and the loving part will grow deeper, the more we know him…Catholic are bad about this, we don’t really, on the whole, take our education in our faith to seriously. It’s kind of sad really, because we have over 2000 years of history to draw from, and I am sure you will find more then a few things a bit odd, or even down right bad.The Church in her history has done many a great things, but also many a not so great things. So everyone would be able to find something to read…The bible is a collection of book, so each book is written by different people, some books have many authors. It sort of like getting a Steven King book, then a John Clancy book, a book of poems and several others all for the price of one.You like Steven King, read the story of Jericho, it may not have talking cars and such, but really, it is very Steven Kingish to march around a walled city to make it fall…It’s all in there, there is something for everyone. Kid’s with Noah and such, Young adults with the poems of Love, of hard luck story of Job, and the adults with the book of Acts and the on going conversation of ourselves.Not in to reading the bible, then listen to Catholic Radio, or watch  Catholic TV….. The point is Do something!Stop just saying your Catholic, and start living Catholic. Part of our responsibilities is to educate ourselves.-Paul

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