Free Passion

Last night I watched Mel Gibson’s The Passion, I love that film. Yes it can be violent, but I am sure that it really was violent, and yes I was made for the big screen and to captivate people, so there is a little Hollywood in it, but so what. It is still a great film.One of my favorite parts is when Jesus falls for the third time, and Mary has the flash back to when Jesus was just a lad. I will tell you i always get teary eyed at that, for a few reasons. One is it is just so touching and real, you know Mary is suffering for her child. Yes Jesus is the Son of Man, He is the second person of the trinity, but to Mary he is first and foremost her little boy.What mother would not break at the sight of her child being abused? So the flash back really gets to me, it shows Mary as a mom, and Jesus as a child needing his mothers protection and love.The other reason it gets to me is because it was the lost movie me and my mother ever saw together. So that flash back, is also one for me, because when I see Mary running for the fallen Jesus, I am reminded that my mother can no longer do that, and I am reminded that she was always running to me.Mothers are great that way, they will always run to your-side. God Bless them!The Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus is our Passion, Death and Resurrection, it’s ours to keep or to give away.My Mother chose to give it away, to me and the rest of my family, she choose to do it in may different ways. The ways really don’t matter, but what does matter is that she choose to give it freely.In my life I try to do the same, I also try to give my Passion, Death and Resurrection away, but it’s a hard thing to do. I am sure my mother also found it hard, but as we do, after someone passes we tend to make them saints, and have a feeling that everything was easy for them. I do not know what was in her heart, but I do know that if it was troubled, she never troubled me with it. Like Jesus, who never troubled his mother with is passion, my mother choose not to burden me with hers.Mary choose to pick up her cross and follow her son, that’s what makes mothers so special, they choose to burden themselves to make our load lighter, God bless mothers!So I ask you and challenge you to pick up someone’s cross this lent, and carry it for all of Easter (remember Easter is 50 days long, not one day).We all can choose to give our Passion Death and Resurrection freely, as Jesus, Mary and my mother did.-Paul

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