AM signals

I was listening to Catholic Radio on the way in to work this morning, It was EWTN’s Open. The radio signal was fading in and out, that’s the big problem with AM stations, the signal is never very good. That’s a lot like life, sometimes the signal is not very good. From what I could make out, the big issue was about the St. Joseph statues being buried in the ground to help sell your home.  This major converses was finally being tackled…. (I say with a little  sarcasm)

Let look at this old tradition, you get a kit, it contains a small statue, you buried him upside down (or right side up depending who you ask) in your front yard (or the back) facing the house, or is it facing away…. and after sometime you sell your home…

Not really a lot of hard facts to base this all on, but people buy them, catholics and non-catholics. So whats the harm? Some would argue its superstition, others would say we are placing our faith in saints and not God, and still some would say we are just nuts.

Me, I say no harm no foul… It’s no different then someone passing on one of those chain emails, stating that if you don’t send this on to 10 people in 10 minutes something bad will happen. I get at least 1 per day and I never send them on, and nothing bad has happened to me yet, well that I know of anyway….

To me, if someone wants to plant St. Joe, to help them sell their house, go for it. Really I feel bad for St. Joe, in the dirt, all covered up, where it is cold and dark… Not much of a way to live, but I am sure most people do it because they have faith in the power of saints, and as Catholics we are suppose to have faith in the Saints.

So is it really a bad thing? Or are the talking heads creating more of it then need be?

Like I said sometimes we are all like AM radio signals, sometimes our signals are a little weak…


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