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These are my thoughts… (a post from my friend)

A fantastic post by a good friend…..


These are my thoughts…

…shared mostly so you can understand where I am coming from, even if you disagree with me.

It is 11:47 pm right now and I should be sleeping. I should be sleeping but I am unable to. One hour ago, it appeared that the current president was going to win his bid for re-election. One hour ago, I walked into our family room and asked my husband to come join me in our room and hold me until I fell asleep. He fell asleep firs…(typical) :) I asked him to come hold me because I am scared. Here is the thing, I know I have a lot of friends who voted for ‘the other guy’ and I know that tonight is a night of celebration for you. I know you will be happy and think that you have reached a level of success. I know you are certain that something better has happened for our country. I know you are confident that you can believe in the change that you are striving for. And finally, I know that you don’t quite know why people like me are so scared. I thought I would let you know why. Because here is the thing, understanding where the ‘other’ is coming from is a good thing. I want to help you understand…. (To Keep reading, select here)


God Bless

Paul Sposite

Guided Insight Life Coach

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9 Timeless Leadership Lessons from Cyrus the Great

I found this on the web and thought it would be a good article to share. I hope you enjoy.


9 Timeless Leadership Lessons from Cyrus the Great

Cyrus The Great

Cyrus The Great (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forget 1-800-CEO Read. The greatest book on business and leadership was written in the 4th century BC by a Greek about a Persian King. Yeah, that’s right.

Behold: Cyrus the Great, the man that historians call “the most amiable of conquerors,” and the first king to found “his empire on generosity” instead of violence and tyranny. Consider Cyrus the antithesis to Machiavelli’s ideal Prince. The author, himself the opposite of Machiavelli, was Xenophon, a student of Socrates.

The book is a veritable classic in the art of leadership, execution, and responsibility. Adapted from Larry Hendrick’s excellent translation, here are nine lessons in leadership from Xenophon’s Cyrus the Great:

Be Self-Reliant

“Never be slow in replenishing your supplies. You’ll always bee on better terms with your allies if you can secure your own provisions…Give them all they need and your troops will follow you to the end of the earth.”

Be Generous

“Success always calls for greater generosity–though most people, lost in the darkness of their own egos, treat it as an occasion for greater greed. Collecting boot [is] not an end itself, but only a means for building [an] empire. Riches would be of little use to us now–except as a means of winning new friends.”

Be Brief

“Brevity is the soul of command. Too much talking suggests desperation on the part of the leader. Speak shortly, decisively and to the point–and couch your desires in such natural logic that no one can raise objections. Then move on.”

Be a Force for Good

“Whenever you can, act as a liberator. Freedom, dignity, wealth–these three together constitute the greatest happiness of humanity. If you bequeath all three to your people, their love for you will never die.”

Be in Control

[After punishing some renegade commanders] “Here again, I would demonstrate the truth that, in my army, discipline always brings rewards.”

Be Fun

“When I became rich, I realized that no kindness between man and man comes more naturally than sharing food and drink, especially food and drink of the ambrosial excellence that I could now provide. Accordingly, I arranged that my table be spread everyday for many invitees, all of whom would dine on the same excellent food as myself. After my guests and I were finished, I would send out any extra food to my absent friends, in token of my esteem.”

Be Loyal

[When asked how he planned to dress for a celebration] “If I can only do well by my friends, I’ll look glorious enough in whatever clothes I wear.”

Be an Example

“In my experience, men who respond to good fortune with modesty and kindness are harder to find than those who face adversity with courage.”

Be Courteous and Kind

“There is a deep–and usually frustrated–desire in the heart of everyone to act with benevolence rather than selfishness, and one fine instance of generosity can inspire dozens more. Thus I established a stately court where all my friends showed respect to each other and cultivated courtesy until it bloomed into perfect harmony.”

There’s a reason Cyrus found students and admirers in his own time as well as the ages that followed. From Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin to Julius Caesar and Alexander (and yes, even Machiavelli) great men have read his inspiring example and put it to use in the pursuit of their own endeavors.

That isn’t bad company.

(Source: Forbes Web)


God Bless

Paul Sposite

Guided Insight Life Coach 

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Leonardo, where are you?

I just finished “How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day” by Michael J. Gelb.This is a fantastic book, one that all should read. The information is useful no matter who or what you are. Leonardo’s life lessons are timeless and learning about how he looked at life how he saw life was fascinating. I will be looking up more books concerning his life. Managers, Teachers, Parents and everyone else needs to read this book, we need to return to being renaissance men and woman once again.

So what is a renaissance man? And why do we need them again?

As to the first question, what is it:

The common term Renaissance man is used to describe a person who is well educated or who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields.[3] The concept emerged from the numerous great thinkers of that era who excelled in multiple fields of the arts and science, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Copernicus and Francis Bacon; the emergence of these thinkers was likewise attributed to the then rising notion in Renaissance Italy expressed by one of its most accomplished representatives, Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472): that “a man can do all things if he will.” It embodied the basic tenets of Renaissance humanism, which considered humans empowered, limitless in their capacities for development, and led to the notion that people should embrace all knowledge and develop their capacities as fully as possible. Thus the gifted people of the Renaissance sought to develop skills in all areas of knowledge, in physical development, in social accomplishments, and in the arts. The term has since expanded from original usage and has been applied to other great thinkers before and after the Renaissance such as Aristotle, Johann Goethe, and Isaac Newton. (source)

Basically, it is a person well versed on many fields of study, what we would call today, a well rounded education. But really it is more than that. It is more than just getting your Liberal Arts degree.Well at least how we in modern times view it:

457px-Septem-artes-liberales_Herrad-von-Landsberg_Hortus-deliciarum_1180The phrase liberal arts (Latin: artes liberales) refers to those subjects which in classical antiquity were considered essential for a free citizen to study. Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic were the core liberal arts. In medieval times these subjects (called the Trivium) were extended to include mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy (which included the study of astrology). This extended curriculum was called the Quadrivium. Together the Trivium and Quadrivium constituted the seven liberal arts of the medieval university curriculum.

In modern times liberal arts is a term which can be interpreted in different ways. It can refer to certain areas of literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics, psychology, and science.[1] It can also refer to studies on a liberal arts degree program. For example, Harvard University offers a degree of Master of Liberal Arts, which covers biological and social sciences as well as the humanities.[2] For both interpretations, the term generally refers to matters not relating to the professional, vocational, or technical curricula. (source)

The classical Liberal Arts is the definition of a Renaissance man, it is the study of Leonardo and many others. It is the study we need to return to, it is the study the will teach us to think. Modern-day Liberal Arts, modern-day education is not setup to teach thinking, it is set up to teach remembering. Students are not encouraged to think freely, but rather to retain what was told to them. The modern-day education system is one based on indoctrination not liberation. Leonardo’s education was geared towards discovery, experimentation and liberation. His disciplines ran across many areas of study, but he, as many renaissance men, had the ability to see the connections. The lines between art and science are blurred as are the lines between religion and science. The cross training and encouragement to push the envelope was the hallmark of renaissance training.

So why do we need a Renaissance man today? We have people who specialize in areas of study, so why should a rocket scientist care about the science of art? Why should an artist care about religion? Why would someone need to know about logic and rhetoric when they push a broom for a living?

Because life is connected, because the betterment of all starts with the betterment of one. Because life is more than what you do, it is who you are. And who you are is shaped by what you know. One of the main principles of Leonardo is connectedness, Leonardo saw the connections between seemingly non-connected objects. For example do you see the connection between a frog and the internet? Think about it… There is a connection. The frog has webbed feet and the internet is also called the World Wide Web. So both frog and internet have some sort of web. It is this connection, relationship that Leonardo saw, and it is this connectedness that we are missing in our lives.

p17Leonard saw the world not separate from humanity, but just a part of it. He saw the flow of the rivers to be the same as the flow of blood, the grass as the skin and the rock as the bones, he was a oneness between humanity and nature. Leonardo understood the connectedness of the clouds to the rain to the oceans, he saw the dependence of one upon the other. Leonardo is considered a great artiste, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper among the greatest art works in all of humanity. Yet he was much more than that, he was a scientist and inventor, a caterer and party planner. Leonardo used his talents to enlighten and entertain, he was known for a beautiful singing voice and accomplished musician. He understood that a holistic lifestyle was a healthy life style. Leonardo understood the body and mind connectedness, he was physically and mentally fit, because Leonardo knew that one could not be truly whole if a part of him was left to waste.

The Renaissance man of antiquity needs to be restored. We need to nurture and grow our children with a desire and fascination for learning. To question and explore their surroundings and to see the world, the universe with the eyes of openness and wonder.

We need more Leonardo’s’ in todays world, we need men and woman who are willing to expand their horizons, to cross over disciplines and to not fear failure, for through failure comes discovery. We need to foster the exploration of connectedness, we need to discover the universe anew.

Leonardo, where are you? Where have you gone. When did we decide that men such as Leonard are obsolete? Why did we decide they are of no use? the enlighten of man has many casualties, and this is one. But all is not lost, we can return, we can learn to think like Leonardo, we can create a new Renaissance, we just have to try.

God Bless

Paul Sposite


Guided Insight Life Coach

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Occupy Wall Street and the Founding Fathers


The new movement, Occupy Wall Street (OWS), is interesting, not because I agree with them, I don’t. I happen to like money and capitalism, I find that working and having money is a good thing, no it’s interesting because of the contrast between them and the Tea Party people…. Now, I have not taken part in any Tea Party Protest, I wanted to, but was unable to do so, but had friends who did attend. The words they used to describe it:

  • Peaceful
  • Clean
  • Respectful
  • Patriotic
  • American
  • Constitutional

With OWS I hear the following:

  • Disorganized
  • Mob
  • Rude
  • Demoralizing
  • Woodstockish (due to the nudity and open sex)

Never once have I heard anyone associated with OWS mention the constitution or be able to talk with out using the F-bomb at least 50 times in a 2 seconded statement.

A big difference…

The Tea Party is truly going back to our American roots. The founding Fathers, for the most part, did not want a war with England, they wanted peace and stability. They wanted to remain English subjects not succeed and form a new nation. They just wanted the basic freedoms and rights afforded to every citizen of Britain. War and violence was a last resort, one many did not want nor agreed with the option of war. There were some who were willing to wait a a little longer, thank God the Founding Fathers did not…

Leading up to the American Revolution were a series of actions, protest and other political decent. including but not limited to:

  • Letters to the editors
  • Political books
  • Political pamphlets
  • Peaceful protest
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Letters to the King of England
  • Letters to fellow statesmen
  • Letters to Parliament

Each activity was designed to sway hearts and minds, not force them through violence. The Founding Fathers used logic and history to make there arguments, not utopian feelings and dreams. They were realistic in there views on politics and the world around them. They wrote letters to sway public opinion and denounced violence.

When Alexander Hamilton ordered the burning of a British merchant ship in protest to British Taxation on tea, he first ordered all the cargo and ship hands off and onto dry land, placed the ship out of port and than set her on fire. The message was simple and clear, we oppose taxation with out representation. But we do not wish to harm. When the Boston Tea Party (the original one) took place there was to me no violence, it was to be a peaceful protest. The same can be said about the New Tea Party, but not the OWS crowed, they are calling for violence, they are advocating it and directing it.

Over the past few days I have heard about:

  • Condoms being passed out (what does this have to do with Wall Street?)
  • Sex in the open
  • Anti-Semitic statements
  • Illegal Protesting (no permit)
  • Illegal camping (no permit)
  • Relieving one self in public
  • Trashing protest grounds and not cleaning up after themselves
  • Threating to hack into Wall Street computers

Does not sound like something the Founding Fathers would have advocated. Don’t believe me, read Thomas Pain’s writings or any of the other Founding Fathers. Violence was a last resort, they wanted to use the system to fix the system. The Tea Party of today wishes to do the same, they want to use the power of public opinion and the voice of vote to change they system, not the threat of violence or the rule of the mob.

If the OWS crowd really want to make a difference, go and occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,  pitch you tent there, relieve yourself on Obamas front lawn and have your sex there. Wall Street is not the issue, failed government is. And yes, not just Obamas failed government, but government in general has failed. Bush did a few stupid moved in his tenure as President also. The failure of the Government has been a long time in the works.

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

~Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto referring to Pearl Harbor

spiritof76-1The American Spirit is strong and resolute, she is the spirit of Washington and Adams, a spirit that fights for freedoms and liberty and allows for the pursuit of happiness. The Tea Party flows with this spirit swelling and growing and changing the course of America returning Her to he roots. The OWS spirit is spiteful and derogatory in nature, perverting the Founding Fathers into grotesque caricatures of themselves. The sleeping giant has awoken and will be heard, yet he will not speak through the Occupy Wall Street protect, for there is no room for her amongst all the hatred and violence, for the American Giant Admiral Yamamoto was referring to was a reluctant warrior, one dedicated to peace and freedom, one slow to anger yet resolved in her defense.



God Bless


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How Smucker’s BP&J changed the world*


I have written about, in the past, my sisters daughter who had brain cancer as a child, she is 22 now, and over all doing fine. She has the mentality of an 8-year-old, and this, sometimes, causes one to stop and reflect on what she has to say. Many times you just smile and laugh because her way of processing information is, well lets just say interesting.

For example a few years back my sister decide that the truth of Santa needed to be told to her, she was getting a tad-bit to big to sit on his lap. So the truth was told… Her response, “Well what about Rudolf?” How can you argue with that…?

The latest concerns school. She attends a skill center, a school designed round the needs of kids like her, it teaches skills for life. Some of the kids will be able to hold jobs, live on their own and function in life, and the skill center is there “college”. Her plan, now that she is 22, was to go only 1/2 time, she was getting board with the classes and really only had interest in a few things. One of the things they do at the skill center is provide the kids with a change to work at local business, and she has done so, but only liked working at one particular place. This can be an issue, if they don’t like, well than they don’t understand why they have to do it. She understands she is an “adult”, she is 22, so why is she being forced to work someplace she does not like. Understandable… The other issue, most of her friends have left the skill center, or sadly, they have passed on. This being a risk with any of her friends that had childhood cancer. Her best friend passed on last year, it was a sad, sad time for all of us.

So, her plan, school 1/2 time and work around the house the other part of the day. A good plan, not how I see it, left to her own devices, cartoons would rule her world and little to no work/activity would take place. Not a good thing for her, or anyone else for that matter.

As luck would have it, her friends more or less convinced her to go full-time, but that was not the deciding factor. The State also required her to go full-time, based on her test results. But that, to her, was not the deciding factor, the deciding factor to her was…. are you ready for this…

“If I don’t go full-time, than I wont get my Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

Yep, it was the PB&J that did it. You see my sisters would only buy them for school lunches, and with only 1/2 time at school she would not take a lunch, so no PB&J.

This has to cause one to stop and think. How simple, how pure and innocent a thought. My life revolves around whether I can have a Smucker’s or not. You got to love it. How much simpler all our lives would be if only we based our decisions on such important things, such as can I have a Smucker’s or not.

Like I said, sometimes I just have to take pause… And really think about what she said, yes I smiled and laughed when my sister told me this, and yes to her that was a major factor in her decision to attend full-time.

So now I know, when something important comes up, I won’t ask WWJD (What would Jesus do) but rather CIHAS (Can I have a Smucker’s). Yes my friends, Smucker’s can, and did change the world, at least for her. god bless her simple thoughts, there are days I wish I had the same logic…


God Bless


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The American Moral Compass… Is Lost

mark twain Category:Mark Twain images

Image via Wikipedia

The moral compass of America is lost, we live is a nation that allows the murder of the unborn, elderly and sick. We live in a nation that allows our youth to get abortions on demand but need a parent to sign a waiver to get ear piercings. The morning after pill is available to all to take “care” of that little issue and now they want to allow youth of any age access to this drug that murders innocent life. Yet we feel compelled to regulate the Happy Meal… Can someone please help me out here, I am at a lost to understand this logic… Oh, wait, I get it not, logic has nothing to do with it….

We have a generation of youth that have grown up with the twisted notion that abortion on demand is normal, part of our Constitutional rights and something our Founding Fathers (if they even know who they are) intended. We have young girls that feel murder is a choice. We have young men who know there one-night-stands can be “taken care” of without any repercussions.

You tell me how this is liberating, how this is, in any way, shape or form, woman’s liberation! We have grown accustom to murder happening daily in our lives, and yet we fail to see anything wrong with it. But the wrath of God will come down upon you if you even think about offending a minority, unless, of course, that minority is Christianity, the source and summit of all evil in the world, according to the media. 

We have children’s books depicting sexual acts, yet we have to remove words from Mark Twain’s classic Huck Finn… We teach 5 year olds about gay sex, yet we fail to teach them morality for fear of imposing our own views upon them.

We allow artist to depict Christ, Mary the mother of God and other Saints and Holy People in sexual acts, but the political cartoonist who dares to draw Muhammad has a price upon their head and the liberal media swarm in to attack them.

The moral compass that created this great nation of ours, that guided us for over 200 years has been lost. We have a President that  devalues life and embraces the world radicals and dictators over the freedoms of democracy.

You tell me… Am I wrong, what am I missing…..

I pray that God will continue to bless this great Nation of ours, that the United States of America will once again be the light on the hill for all to see, that we once again will be the protectors of freedom and we will reclaim our morality. God willing America will shine once more. But we, the American people, have to stand tall and take back what is ours, we have to reclaim the  government and demand a moral stance.

We are not powerless unless we allow ourselves to be. This is our Country, one that can once again be what she once was, the envy of the world. Not for our material wealth, but for our moral fiber, for our convictions and our leadership in freedom.

The fight is just begun, and we have an uphill battle, but America was founded upon the reality of an uphill battle, we have always had to fight our way to the top, and we can do it again… If we want. And we truly have to want it, we have to fight, we have to take back what is ours. America does not belong to the government, but rather she belongs to the people.

God Bless


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The Saga… Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the Saga of 3 boys and a mother. Today I will continue that storyline (I only wish it was a story).


As of today, the mother of the young man living in my house has not returned his calls or talked to him. My feeling is, he no longer serves a purpose for her. She wanted to use him as a pawn in her little game, and I would not allow it, and he chose to listen to me.

Back to the night of the birthday party, the father at my sisters house and the mother not at all happy with the situation. The father left my sisters, with the two boys, prior to her showing up. She threaten to bring the police, and he did not want his boys dragged in to all that. She shows up, asked were the boys are, I reply that the father took them. Her response, This is how you help me, my response, you need to help yourself. She response was to call her oldest son, the one that lives with me, out. He came out and she said, ok lets go, you got to be my witness that I dropped the boys off with Paul. My response, no he can’t go, he does not need to get involved in all this. And as for witness, none is needed, I wont lie (a concept she just don’t understand, she thinks everyone lies because she does).

I must admit, I felt for him, what a hard situation to be in at his age, but he stood his ground. He knows that I would not do him harm, and in some ways I think he knows his mom i a little unstable…

She calls his probation officer and try’s to force his departure, but he will also have nothing of it, and her son remains. So it seems now she wants nothing to do with him, and in some ways that’s a good thing, but in others it sad. It just proves that she is only looking out for herself and her needs, not his nor his brothers. They are just pawns in her silly little game of life. It is truly a sad situation.

To add to the mix, I am getting calls from his father, who lives in Congo, Africa. Now understand that he has never cared for his son, lived with his son or raised his son, but he has always felt the need to call and yell at him when ever the need hits. Well that what he decided to do. The mother, for what ever reason, decided that a person in Congo, Africa could fix all this, i just don’t get it. So dad calls, tells his son that he must live with his mother. The son explains that his mother is homeless, the father, being concerned, sates that it does not matter, live under a bridge or in the forest, as long as your with your mother. Now I must say that’s logic and love at its best! How he planned to enforce his ruling from Africa, I have no idea, and what makes him feel he has a right to tell him anything is also a question for the ages, but he does and he did.

The next day I was blessed with a phone call from dear old dad. He wanted to tell me that he was not going to sign the court papers to give me guardianship. My response, Ok Sir, but understand that he can not live with his mother, she is homeless and he will end up in foster-care. His educated response, that’s a small matter. My response, No Sir, it is not, not to me or the state of Michigan. He has to have an address, he can not live on the streets. His response, that’s a small matter… And on and on it went, until he hung up on me. I just love logical parents… I just wish I could deal with one. I am starting not to like African parents, I love the kids…

Well I must say that dear old dad called back today and talked to his boy, and decided that he, his boy, could make up his own mind on were was best for him to live. This did a few things for me, one gave me a little bit of respect for dear old dad, two, this will really piss of the mother of the year, and to me that’s a good thing and three, and most importantly is gives the power back to his son, were it belongs.

So the saga in nowhere from being over, but it looks like the tide has come in, and now is receding. Continue to pray for the boys, all 3 of them, that they will be safe and happy. And I will continue to update as needed.. I hope the next update is more positive than the last few.


God Bless


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When is stealing not stealing?

Representation of the Declaration of the Right...

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When is stealing not stealing?

Moralist will argue that we don’t always have a choice, they love to use the example of a man caught stealing bread. The moralist will say that if the man was stealing to feed his family than the act of stealing was justified. But the moralist would be wrong. Society does not allow for, nor could it survive with a sliding scale of morality. Stealing is steeling, wrong is wrong. The objections are noted and the circumstances duly noted, but stealing is stealing.

The Bible does not allow for a sliding scale, Jesus did not state that all must follow me, unless this or that happens. No Jesus said all must follow me, let the dead care for the dead. Jesus did not say follow only the commandments that meet your current social/political needs, he said I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. He told the rich young man to follow the commandments, and give up all he had to follow him. The young man was not willing to do so, and Jesus did not say, well that’s ok, follow me anyway, he, Jesus, told him to be gone.

Morality must be and should always be constant. It is only with consistence that humanity will stand a chance to survive. The greatness of a person lies in there moral fiber and the strength of that fiber lies in the constancy of its weaving.

The basic argument for a moralist is relativity, everything is relative to the person and circumstances. That each and every person and each and every moment has unlimited moral options, some grater that others, but all are still moral options.

Hog Wash!

Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong….

The Catholic Church teaches this, the actions of abortion are always wrong, regardless of reasons. Now the culpability of the individual may slide on a scale between total cooperation with the even act with full knowledge of its morality too involuntary cooperation in the evil act with no knowledge of its morality. One may be culpable or not, but the act it self is intrinsically evil.

Some will argue that abortion and steeling bread are not the same. But the logic is. The person my be less culpable if they were stealing under extreme mental stress than if they were stealing under normal circumstances. But the act of stealing has not changed.

We use this logic daily in our lives. We look at the situation and make judgment calls. Between choice  “A” and “B”, A is the less evil of the two. Example:

My family is with out food, I have no job nor money;

A: Steal bread to feed my family

B: Let my family go hungry

To the hungry man who wishes to care for his family the stealing of the bread is the lesser of the two evils. Yet this does not change the act of stealing in to a morally correct choice. It just served as the catalyst for the act of stealing.

In the modern world, one that is driven by a need to always be on the side of political correctness, we have taken the moral truths and designated them the moral guidelines or the moral sliding scale. Allowing the individual the responsibility of determining there own moral standards.

Yet we seem to be at a cross roads with this concept, with moral truths and the sliding scale of morality in a constant struggle for public acceptance. The moralist is pushing for a stringent adherence to personal morality, unless it interferes with the moral reality, than the moral truth, as they see it, should take precedence over the moral truth of the other.

We see this in our everyday life. The current controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque. The moralist think it should be built at Ground Zero, or at lest allowed to be built. But the same group that wishes to allow this under freedom of religion is the same group who wishes to prosecute the Christians who were passing out information at the Arab festival in Dearborn Michigan a few weeks back. You see the morality of the Mosque fit in to the truth of the moralist at the time were as the morality of the Christians did not.

Now some may say: well your the same, you think it is ok for the Christians to pass out information at a festival but not ok for a Mosque to be built, your in favor of only Christian moral truths. Not so… I Agree that they that the right to build the Mosque, I only question the location and the motive of the location. To me it is like adding salt in to the wounds of the nation. My moral truth remains the same, each group has the right to do what they are doing, and each group is protected by law to do so.

Morality is not an ever changing target, it is a constant. It is not a personal thing, it is a human thing. Stealing is Stealing, regardless of the reasons.

God Bless


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Ok, so here it is, I have been listening to talk radio on the way into work, and the big topic The Arizona law on illegal’s.  The Catholic Bishops seem to think the law is inhuman and some how degrading. The liberal bleeding hearts feel that the law is unjust and takes away the God given rights to enjoy the freedom of America and all she has to offer. And the the conservatives are applauding the law calling for it to be enacted in every sate of the union. This law has stirred up the nation and given the talking heads weeks if not months of material.

For anyone who reads my blog, you already know where I stand, for those who never have read my blog, well you will just have to wait and see. I am going to try to keep my opinion on this until the end. I want to start off with just facts. First, what the law truly states, not what the talking heads want us to hear, second what the Catholic Church truly states, not the opinions of the individuals. And as for the bleeding hearts, well no amount of reasoning will ever make a difference, they don’t like facts they  only like “feelings” so we will not concern ourselves with them to much.

Fact One: The Law:

The law itself only enforces the federal law that is already on the books. The United States of America has a standing law that requires all immigrants to carry papers.The Arizona law only enforces this federal law. The law also gives Arizona officers the right to request papers if they find reasonable cause to question citizenship. Officers in Arizona cannot randomly question anyone, they cannot “profile” anyone. The law is a secondary response, meaning that someone can not be stopped, pulled over or questioned just on a suspicion that they may be illegal. They must first be stopped, pulled over or questions for some other illegal activity, such as speeding. Once the person has been pulled over for speeding the office still needs “reasonable” suspicion to request papers. (Read information here)


Fact Two: The Church:

CCC 2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

Above are the only two facts that truly matters in this debate. My opinion is mine and cannot be enforced upon anyone, your opinion is yours and the same is true. We can debate the morality of the law or of what the church states but we can not and should not allow our opinion override the facts as stated above.

The bleeding heart liberals, both within the Church and outside of it can cry and call foul all day long. They can claim unfair justice, racism and any other  “slander” of the day they like. But what they cannot do is claim that the law, both inside and outside the Church, is not clear. The law of the Church and the law of the land, both, are clear. All are welcome here in the USA, please come and enjoy a better life for yourself, but please respect the law of the land. Immigrate here legally, go through the proper channels, get the proper documentation.

The liberals will cry foul at this, that it is some how degrading to make someone follow the law. If this is they case, lets abolish all laws, why risk degrading anyone. Besides following the law of the land is not degrading, it is respectful.

They, the liberals, will cry, but they are running from an oppressive government.. Fine, than apply for political asylum here in the USA. We have laws and procedures to help out all who come to our shores.

But here is the question of the day….

Why would I want a neighbor or co-worker how feels that they alone are above the law? That they do not need to follow the law of the land because they are not of this land or they have no connection to it? Think about it, if I am here in this land, but according to the law of the land I do not exist, why would I bother to care about her? I will work to change the law of the land to benefit me, the illegal, and not those who are citizens or here legally. We already see this happening, the protesters holding up signs demanding there rights to American benefits! Yet they break our laws to enter this country and refuse to follow the laws once they are here.

I can hear the liberals now.. Not all illegal’s are criminals. Most are hard working people who just want a better life for themselves and there families. And you know what I will agree with most of that. Most are hard working people with families only looking to improve there lot in life, and I say God bless them. But I also say they are criminals, they are here illegally. Most not paying taxies for the services they require and demand.

So what to do?

Looking at each point, reading the documents and researching the issue would be a first step. removing your personal feelings for the moment would be a good step also. Emotions can cloud issues, and facts can be set aside. Doing that will than make you a liberal, facts and liberals do not get along. Well unless the fact was one made up by the liberal to fit there specific need at that specific time. But that’s another issue.

What else can you do, how about get a sense of what true compassion is, true humanitarianism is. Allowing anyone and everyone to enter our country is not and cannot be considered compassion, nor is it humane. Not to them and not to law abiding Americans and legal immigrants.

The influx of illegal’s has caused great strain on your so
cial networks, hospitals and schools. It has created a whole subculture that is anti-American and is a divisive force within our political system. The last election we saw this, both political parties are pandering to the illegal’s. why would they do this… To increate the base… Its all about the vote to them. Do not allow them to trick you, to make you think they are being compassionate, they are not, they are counting future votes. The kids of the illegal will be natural born citizens, able to vote. They offer free health care, free education and most importantly, they are granted immunity to our laws. No you say, what laws are they immune from? How about the law that requires all non-Americans to request entry into our country? Hmm, is that a good enough law for you? In the name of compassion we don’t even require them to learn English, instead we will bend or culture to there’s.

But the liberals will cry, we are all immigrants to the nation. Yes we are, but what does that have to do with it? Nothing, it is now our nation, with laws of it’s own. They then will cry out that they have God given rights under the Constitution of the United States. it’s kind of ironic that the liberals would use the very document they are hell bent on destroying to defend there have baked idea of compassion. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Constitution of the United States of America is to protect the citizens of America from the government of America, not the citizens of other countries. Am i right or am I right?

But if the liberal wants to argue that logic than so be it. Using that logic, that the constitution of for the whole world, not just for citizens of the good old US of A. Great! Now the liberals should shut up about the wars because we are only doing as the constitution tells us, to protect the citizens from the government. In fact I think we need more protection going on…

I am a compassionate person, I do feel sorry for people who want to enter the United States but just can’t. Be it due to money or other reasons. But I do not think that allowing every person free and open access to our country is the compassionate response called for.

How about this…

You apply for entry into the USA, no money, than you can apply for a sponsor, Good law abiding Americans will donate to a fund, freely donate, not taxed forced donations. They are interviewed, a criminal back ground check is done and a drug test along with other medical test are completed. If all goes well and the fund has money you are allowed to enter the country. You must attend English classes and you must report to your assigned rep to show that you are complying with all requirements. You must obtain a job with in 45 days of entry, the rep will assist you in finding job training if needed. You must learn to speak English with in 90 day, etc…

To me this is compassion, as the old saying goes, give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach him to fish he eats for life… I say teach them to fish… That is compassion!

The liberals will say that I am being insensitive to them, that I am treating them like second class citizens. No, not at all, I am helping them gain the tools to survive in America.  I am teaching them to learn the language and culture they chose to enter. To not teach them, to not offer a helping hand would be cruel. To only give hand-outs and not hand-ups is inhumane. And that’s what our current system does, hand-outs. o I look at the liberals as the cruel ones, not the conservatives that want to teach them to be self-sufficient not codependent.

As for what some of our Bishops are saying about all this, well they truly need to read what the Church teaches about this and they need to ask for forgiveness for teaching and leading the flock astray. And the Pope needs to let them know this kind of deception will not be tolerated anymore.

as for the millions currently in this country illegally, do we send them back and make them apply legally or do we create a system of checks and balances to determine the status of each and every person. I’m not sure, but it is somewhere between the two. I think we need to distinguish between illegal’s that are harmful to American and ones that are a positive. criminal records, educational levels and such should all be considered. So what do we do until all this is cleaned up.

Build a wall, hire more guards, use any all means at our disposal to protect our borders. Close all immigration until we have a comprehensive plan to deal with it. Our nation is struggling as it is, and yes I know that our poverty is a life of riches to some entering this great nation. But we must, as a matter of national security and as a matter of humanitarianism, we must fix our own house first before we allow others in to it. The current system is no longer adequate, it need to be updated to a new world, post 9-11.

But I am no expert on such things, so I trust that one day our leaders will do what is right.


God Bless


Impact of Illegal Immigration on Public Benefit Programs and the American Labor Force; Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Immigration and
James 5:16“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.


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Avoiding Hell…

Last week I was driving my nephew and his friend back home, my nephew lives with me and his friend had spent the night so he attended Mass with us. On the way home his friend said he was thinking about getting baptized in to the Faith. I was happy to hear that, I am always happy to hear anyone say they want to come home to the Catholic faith. And him being a 16 year old youth, I was even more so. But, as I always do, I asked him why, why did he want to enter the faith. His response was typical, when I die I don’t want to go to hell.

Good reason?

Some would say so, and sign them up, tell them Jesus loves you and don’t worry be happy. But not me.

Good reason?

No, not really, it is a reason, but not truly a good reason to become Catholic. Why would I say that, what makes me thing that avoiding Hell is not a good reason. Aren’t we all doing that, following the ten commandments, doing good, praying attending Mass all in an attempt to avoid hell? No, I’m not, not sure about you, but that is not my main point.

So if not to avoid hell, than why?

To attain Heaven!

Hmmm, you may be thinking I am just splitting hairs, that I am just stating the same thing, but using different words. But I am not, the two are exact opposites of each other, directly opposed to each other.

Lets look at the first statement:

“When I die I don’t want to go to Hell”

At the very basic level, the statement is harmless. Very noble ambition. My response to him was “but do you know what the Church teaches?” “Are you willing to follow her teachings?”/ Both questions invoked a look of confusion, a look that said it all, a look that said “Wait, I have to do something, I have to follow rules?” a look that said “I thought saying I was Catholic was enough, I thought Jesus loved me”.

The quest to avoid hell is a quest of negativeness, a quest of avoidance.  It looks at life as a series of task designed to avoid rather than engage. Consider the youth or co-worker who does their best to not do their work. Often times we say of them “If only they would put as much effort in to doing the work as they did in trying not to do the work…” Well, the same holds true for the way we chose to interact with our faith. Do we interact in a negative or positive way. Do we look at our faith and Church as positive or negative? Do we consider ourselves playing offense or defense?

How we choose to enter in to the faith will shape how we live out our faith.

By choosing to enter in to the faith with a negative statement will ensure that your faith journey will be one of a series of negative events. We do project our feelings on to our reality. With the negative outlook on the faith we will see the faith tinted through the lenses of our eyes. The tint will darken all we see and feel. Our faith will be one of darkness one of shadows and hidden corners lurking about to trip us up.

We are called to search for heaven and in doing so we will naturally avoid hell. Jesus talked more about the Kingdom of heaven more that he did about the depths of hell. Jesus gave us the positive message of the Beatitudes to follow, a message the has its goal Heaven. The Catholic faith is an uplifting positive faith, not one that is a heavy weight to hold us down, nor one that uses the darkens of hell as her message.

My Nephews friend was looking at the Church as a way to avoid and not as a way to obtain.

I can avoid debt or I can obtain wealth. The simple fact that I avoid debt does not automatically mean I will obtain wealth, but to obtain true wealth I must avoid debt. The same logic can be applied to the two seemingly similar statements “Avoid Hell” and “Obtain Heaven”. I can do all the things to avoid hell, yet still not enter in to the Kingdom. recall the story of the young rich man who asked Jesus what he must do to follow him.

    17 And when he was gone forth into the way, there came one running, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? 18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
    19 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother. 20 And he answered and said unto him, Master, all these have I observed from my youth. 21 Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.
    22 And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved: for he had great possessions.

Mark 10:17-22

The rich man was trying to avoid hell, not obtain heaven. He was willing to avoid all the pitfalls, but unwilling to seek the kingdom.

Are you avoiding or seeking?

Is your faith positive or negative?

Are you entering in to a relationship that is seeking truth or a relationship avoiding it?

God Bless


Bible Verse of the Day….

Deuteronomy 7:9“Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.”Brought to you by Copyright (C) . All Rights Reserved.

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